In collaboration with Alea, an international furniture manufacturer with HQ in Italy, INTARC DESIGN has developed HEX and WORX.
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HEX is an interactive furniture solution that transforms your space with every use. It is a bespoke system based upon fixed geometric modules which adapts easily to any commercial and residential environments. 

HEX products are available as single insert components and range from a contemporary soft upholstered stool to acrylic nesting stools, height adjustable tables, shelves, drawers, planters and power supply. Inserts can be accessed from both sides, and large units serve as full room dividers.

HEX was developed to bring flexibility to the workplace. The furniture adapts to its users and is a space saving solution for any agile or co-working office space, schools and other commercial spaces alike.

INTARC DESIGN, Copyright © 2021. All Rights Served.

WORX is a cross-functional, self-service desking system which empowers users to configure their own set-up without help from their Moves & Changes team. Users have the flexibility to create layouts for training, groups and individuals, teamwork, collaborative functions, and can even be used for board meetings.



The technology behind WORX allows users to slide and rotate the desks to form the configuration required and transform the space within seconds to accommodate their needs. The central spine caters for power supplies and holds stools which can be pulled out when extra seating is needed. Desks are attached to the spine at one fixed point which is located at the corner of each desk and snaps into position using strong magnets.

INTARC DESIGN, Copyright © 2021. All Rights Served.