From Concrete to Abstract

Snail Trailjpg

The Snail Trail design was developed after peering through my parent’s old photo album and discovering the simple yet complex wallpaper patterns of the 70’s. By taking inspiration from nature and the snail in particular: the finished design showcase 1) a swirly shell structure + capturing the crawling motion at the final art work, and 2) the second stage consist of deconstruction and scattering of elements – until no snail trail can be found.

The design was developed to stimulate the viewer’s imagination. Without knowing where the art composition in snail trail 1 comes from, there is still enough visual information to reconstruct the shapes and elements so that the viewer see where the pattern originated from. The idea was to create a metaphor of a pattern by leaving enough visual information to allow the viewer to add their own experience.

Snail Trail 1 - Construction
Snail Trail 1jpg

Snail Trail 2 - Deconstruction
Snail Trail 2jpg

By simplifying the structure, adding, re-creating and scattering the art elements, I generated two intriguing art concepts;both retro in style – which reflects a large portion of today’s interior design.
Patterns showcased on Orangebox' Fielding Work Tables 
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