The new and improved HEX unit was developed after the prototype was installed for a financial investment bank in London. The prototype was very well received, but as with any design, improvements can be done and ideas can be developed further. The development of the new HEX took approximately 4 weeks to complete and another 6 weeks to be priced up and put on the market.  

Target market: agile offices and public spaces  

The HEX ranges from a contemporary HEX stool to a fully enclosed room divider. The furniture is a bespoke item based upon fixed geometric modules. The shell and inserts can be tailored to meet the customer’s needs. Height adjustable tables, shelves, drawers and planters are available to buy as single insert components, and add-ons as power supplies, large planter tops and glass tops are all available within the collection.  

The stool is fully upholstered with foam padding on top and thin wadding on the sides and bottom. As the HEX modular unit is an open shell construction it’s important that the bottom of the stool carries the same visual qualities as the seat. The same design aesthetic is applied to tables, drawers and inserts.  

The inserts have round gripping holes for easy pull out, and each insert has different amount of holes to represent various functions. The table has gripping holes all around the centre, a full drawer has 5 gripping holes, half a drawer has three and a planter / storage insert has only one gripping hole.  

As the product is built on a modular system it adapts easily to any commercial environment and office landscapes.

Why order bespoke?

  • Your piece will be completely unique as it has been made to suit your individual specifications
  • It can be made to match or complement the existing interior design
  • You can choose every detail from the size, shape, material and colour
  • You have no need to assemble pieces as it is ready-made and it will be installed for you
  • Designed specifically to suit your requirements: your piece is unique, and well made
Ordering Process 

Design and create your own unique modular furniture or request a bespoke design to cater for your needs. All surface materials can be customized to match your existing interior palette. Your quote is based upon your spec + supply + install + location.

1) measure your space
2) choose your HEX shell components
3) choose your inserts
4) choose your finish and fabrics

Once you have established all your details, a CGI front view mock-up will be created for your approval. Surface finishes and fabrics will be presented to you in a digital format and surface samples are available upon request.    

Enquire today and create your bespoke furniture to suit your requirements.

Choose your components16jpg

HEX, stool inserts
Stools  Insertjpg

HEX, Small
Hex Smalljpg

HEX, Medium
Hex Mediumjpg

HEX, Asymmetrical

HEX, Large

HEX, Large
Conceptual Design - Fixed Geometric Modules
Hex Conceptjpg
Credits: CGI renders 3D Avenue 
Working closely with: Camira and Exubia to complete your bespoke design
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