In 2017 the Innovation Room was designed for an investment bank in London. Furthermore, additional features were needed for this unorthodox office space. Manifestation was added a few months after the initial installation, and 9 months later, an acoustic wall was required.

The manifestation had to be unique in its design to distinguish the space from other common areas. It had to be recognized amongst a floor of approximately 950 work stations. The design was based upon the installed hexagon pin board composition with a few tweaks and minor changes. The installed design had to cater for privacy and also match the surrounding manifestation in both opacity + colour. The finished geometry consists of grey frosted 30 mm thick hex shells with white frosted infills. Total dimensions per hex: 284 x 284 mm, shell: 30 mm thick.

 Manifestation All in one piece Printjpg

A requirement for an acoustic wall was rectified when the client had an additional need for a silent recording room. The art work had to be wrapped around the L-shaped wall to give maximum soundproofing effect. Total size of the wall and art work: L:9100mm x H:3500mm. The initial design brief was to incorporate a forest scene into the art work. 

The finished art work incorporates a large maple tree with its branches hovering over the tall backed sofa. Graphic wind brushes scatter the fractured hexagons and transmit them onto the pine trees like parasitic elements. The silhouettes, of the parasite ridden pine trees, gradually fade back into healthy trees. The diffuse forest backdrop, which represents serenity, fades into a subtle water colour background. The art work in its whole symbolises how easily affected humanity is by their surroundings. How effortlessly parasites, like social media or working environments, slowly absorbs you, and the realisation of how you desperately urge to become free and independent from those parasites. A healthy balance should be had – the tall standing tree, half silhouette to represent the parasites we need in order to maintain how our surroundings influence us, and the branches stretches for the light reflects our true inner core which represent freedom and happiness.  

Credits: the bespoke artwork was printed by Acoustics by Design. And a big thank you to Antony Hawkridge who assisted with the technical side of the large art work and piecing the graphical elements together. 




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