DESIGNING IN REAL TIME: we believe in green policy and electronically distributed documents. Once the design process has been engaged and contracts signed, you will get access to your own personal site. Here you will find the status of your project, which tasks have been completed, your chosen interior style and interior proposal.  You have access to your project 24/7 and you're given the opportunity to watch progress closely. If you see anything you like / don't like, you'll be able to give feedback instantly or at your own convenience. When both parties are actively contributing towards the end result, we'll complete the project both faster and smoother, and most importantly: we're both setting expectations. Collaborating so closely together helps us achieve the end result more effectively. Communication is very important so that you receive a design that suit your needs - no surprises and 100% transparency, and no printing fees. 

DESIGNING is more than picking out furniture; it is creating a unique space reflective of the spaces intent. To achieve this, architectural features might be used, custom designed furniture, and use of innovative textures and materials. We will be working with the details from conception to construction and down to the last finishing detail. We offer consultancy and complete design packages constructed to your needs.

INTARC DESIGN brings fresh insight into current designs and trends. If a design is required to build on its past, we take great care in preserving the history and original features. The foundation of your development will be designed to work as a perfect frame for its present.  For our corporate clients we encourage using agile working methodologies as part of the design concept.

DESIGN PROPOSALS are presented using a variety of mixed media and disciplines; this could include floorplans, phase and construction drawings, 2d + 3d GCI visualization, mood-boards, and graphics appropriate for the individual project. Outsourcing of services to other design professionals where required.

FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION is included before committing to any design package. For your peace of mind, INTARC DESIGN has liability insurance and all projects are undertaken on a contract basis where terms and conditions are outlined. All drawings complies with UK building regulations, and health & safety and fire regulations.

INTARC DESIGN offers a creative range of design services. By choosing a service, or a combination of different services, you can maximise the potential of your project by manipulation of space, attention to function, aesthetic, design and detail.


  • Photographic + measured surveys
  • Detailed + dimensioned CAD drawings
  • Space planning + alterations
  • Bespoke furniture design
  • Colour schemes + material proposals
  • Sourcing of furniture + materials
  • Comprehensive interior finishes specification


  • Feasibility study
  • Photographic + measured surveys
  • Concept design
  • Floorplans + reconstruction
  • Design, detail + construction drawings
  • Urban design + outdoor spaces


  • Furniture design
  • Bespoke wallpaper
  • Bespoke artwork
  • Graphic design, colour palette + typography
  • Photo manipulation + illustration
  • Modelling